Sincere WTF

I found this tangentially through BoingBoing, but seriously, when did Marilyn Manson become high fashion? Recently married to the improbably gorgeous Dita Von Teese, the couple didn't so much have a wedding as they did join forces. I found scans of Vogue's wedding coverage through Reverse Cowgirl's blog, him in John Galliano and her in Vivienne Westwood. It seems that the two have a genuinely loving marriage, as well as a mutually beneficial artistic partnership. It's just weird to me that Manson is maturing as an artist to the point where he's more interesting than his music, I still remember when people were banned from wearing Manson t-shirts in schools across the country. If that's not weird enough, it really feels like Manson is Von Teese's muse, and not the other way around. Here's to true royalty, they're better than Titney and K-Fed.


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