Unfortunately Not About Bellies

A few days ago, I saw this boingboing post about the Diebold Voting machines used in the last election. I followed the link to slashdot, and found this intriguing video linked on the comments page. It explains in detail how the Diebold machines were able to rig the election. For anyone who isn't aware of the backstory, and for the sake of clarity, Diebold's president wrote "I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year" in 2003.
It's hard to see this sort of evidence and not think: "Why haven't I heard about this yet? Is this for real?" I doubted myself, but then I think: "Why wouldn't this be true?" Is it unbelievable that the president defrauded an entire nation? We live in the future people, Nixon and Kennedy are suspected of having comitted fraud, but when they did it, they had to be friendly with the police comissioner of a county to stuff the boxes. With Diebold, it was high tech. The company wrote software that could easily and tracelessly steal an election, and it's taken us between two and six years to figure out what was up. Face it, it was voter fraud. This same shit happened in Mexico for seventy years, everyone knew about it, but no one could do anything. That's the beauty of it, we can do something about it as long as people will listen, now that we know the truth it's time to start thinking differently.


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