I'm Sorry, Bacardi, but you're ruining the Mardi Party.

Alright. Let's make a timeline of the last 6 months in relation to the situation in New Orleans.

August 2005: Hurricane Katrine hits Louisiana and Missippi; New Orleans is hit the worst when its levees break and hundreds of thousands are forced from their home and/or killed. The response to this hurricane crisis, especially on the federal side of things, is inexplicably slow and nonchalant, even though "Brownie is doing a heck of a job." On a star-studded event raising money for hurricane victims, recording artist Kanye West accuses George Bush of not caring about black people. He is correct.

September 2005: Regugees from the hurricane devastation are housed throughout the country. Universities around the U.S. take in students from colleges in the New Orleans area, stadiums and private houses open their doors to those displaced by the hurricane.

October 2005: The New Orleans Hornets and the New Orleans Saints, of the NBA and NFL, respectively, are forced to relocate, as the hurricane has done so much damage to New Orleans that it would be impossible to play there.

November 2005 - January 2006: Shit is still fucked up because of the hurricane.

February 2006 - As Mardi Gras approaches, many wonder what New Orleans, the traditional capital of Fat Tuesday Partying, will do for the holiday. New Orleans announces that it will hold celebrations, though limited in scope when compared to years past. Britney Spears will return to her home city for the celebration.

And, in the midst of it all, Bacardi introduces this:

A simple mixture of Bacardi Rum and Hawaiin Punch, occasionally served with a lemon, Bacardi markets the drink as part of its 'Bacardi Gras' campaign, naming it . . . . . .


What's next? The Smirnoff Katrina?


Blogger Pat sez...

alright, so I guess the bacardi hurricane has always existed, but you think someone at bacardi would have realized what a potential PR disaster the drink would be this year.

8:59 AM  

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