Google Video Schmoogle Video

Well, I just discovered youtube.com, which lets users put their videos online and share them with the world. Not only does it have all the videos Alen and Tre keep sharing, it has much more!

Like this video of Prince playing the most badass version of the solo from While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Most people who haven't seen The Artist live don't realize what a badass guitar player he is. On his records, hes oddly conservative about displaying his prowress on the axe, but in live performances like this one, taped at George Harrison's posthumous induction to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, he shows how talented he truly is. I missed this when VH1 aired it two years ago, and even gave my computer a virus trying to find it on LimeWire. Thank God for youtube.

Also, something else for which I've been looking for a long time: a highlight reel of the Illinois vs Arizona Elite Eight Game from last March. I've already found a place to order the entire game on DVD, but this highlight video is better than the other one I managed to find on the Internet. Nothing will ever beat the thrill of watching this game in real time -- never have I felt so many different emotions in a two-hour period -- but this highlight reel is helpful for those who saw the game and want to remember what it felt like.

Last and quite possibly least (though not bad at all), they have the Natalie Portman rap from last week's SNL. These Digital Shorts are the only things keeping my respect alive for the sketch comedy show. Hurry up and watch it on you tube; some copies have been removed because of copyright infringement.


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