Nick-at-Nite Shows That Made Me The Person I Am Today

1) Superman - After SNICK (back in the days of Roundhouse, before All That, my sister and I would beg our parents if we could stay up late enough to watch George Reeves in the 1950s version of Superman. Not as impressive physically as Christopher (no relation), and in fact it often looked like he was sucking in his gut, but it was kick-ass and all-American. It inspired my life-long quest for "truth, justice, and the American way." Also on Saturday nights was

2) Get Smart - Mel Brooks's hilarious show that introduced the concept of the shoe-phone and the beautiful "Ninety-Nine." The movie, starring Steve Carell, is coming out next year.

3) Happy Days - In retrospect, this show kind of makes me want to "Ralph." But hey, the Fonz is the man and besides Tom "David the Gnome" Bosley, Henry Winkler may be the only talent to have come out of this nostalgic TV show (that's right, fuck you Ron Howard).

4) Wonder Years - What's with old shows and the "measurement of time preceded by a modifier" theme? Anyway, this show taught me what a woman's reproductive system looked like (a cow's head), what Vietnam was (the place where Winnie's brother went), that I was glad I had no older brothers (theyre jerkoffs), to always make sure I get every single bottle cap after I throw a party at my parents' house, and that that chick from the Conan movie was really, really hot. But it also taught me that I will never get the girl I want, no matter how long I spend trying to "lock it down." I mean seriously, Kevin and Winnie not getting together in the last episode was the stupidest fucking thing . . .

5) The Odd Couple - awesome theme song. Plus, now whenever I see Jack Klugman in something else (eg 12 Angry Men or that episode of The Twilight Zone), I get to say, "hey, where's he from? Oh yeah, he played Walter Matthau in that one TV Show."

Was Knight Rider ever on Nick-at-Nite? If it was, include that because it kicked ass. Also, The Muppet Show.

PS: Winnie Cooper is fucking HOTT.